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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer in India

servo controlled voltage stabilizer manufacturer in india

Features Scope
Capacity Range 3P1 Phase - Up To 180kVA , 3P3 -Up to 500kVA
With Isolations 3p-3p
Without Isolations 3p-1p
Main Incomer Isolator / MCCB /ACB/HRC FUSE
Metering Input/Output Multifunction To read Voltage Current & Frequency
Operating Voltage Range 230V in Single Phase & In 3Phase -415V Nominal . +/- 10% , +10-15% , +/-15%
Transformer As Above Clause I Specs
Motorised Variac Assembly Variable Auto Trasformer With Motorisation
Main Outgoing Isolator / MCCB /ACB/HRC FUSE
Output Regulation 230V Single Phase , 415V 3Ph 4 Wire
Output Protection Over Voltage , under Votage , If system goes to Limit
Response time <10 msec
Distortion Same As Input
Output Adjustment  
Protections : Electronic Over Under Voltage
  Single Phasing Protection
  Short Circuit cum Over Load protection
  Surge Spike Protection :
  EOLP :
Cooling Air Natural < 60kVA < Forced Cooling
Cooling Mode Suction / Throw
Surge Arrestor MOV Type Surge Suppresor
Maintenance Bypass Manual Change Over Switch
Earth Fault/Leakage Detection Through EFR Relays
Panel Enclsoure CNC Machined BOX Type / Load Bearing Member Type / Compartmentalized Constructions
Ingress Protecion Up to IP 42
Ingress Protecion Up to IP 40
Fan Fail Indication Fan fail Indication and Hooter alarm i.e Audio-Visual
Over Temp Alarm OT Alarm as well as Indication i.e Audio-Visual.
Bus Bars Copper / Aluminum
Power Cables Copper cables with high mechabnial streangth

Note - Being Indoor application we recommend to go with lesser IP like IP-20 for better thermal performance

Used in Application:

  • Data Centres
  • At UPS Output
  • Power Conditioning