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Soft Start Module Manufacturer in India

Soft Start Module Manufacturer in India

  • Energizes the transformer without reflecting the large magnetizing current on the input source.
  • Simple principle of operations.
  • Introduces a resistor in series with the winding for a short duration and give command to close main MCCB and disconnects the resistor bank.
  • Applies MCCB closing pulse once again in case MCCB fails to operate.
  • Hence operation is guaranteed.
  • Suitable only when energization needed with no load operation; suitable only for transformer
  • MCCB must have a motor operator and U/V coil.
  • Resistors connected in series of winding for soft start operation, are not part of this module.

Input phase sequence correction:

  • Senses input phase sequence.
  • As long as supply phase sequence is correct, the control passes correct phase sequence to load through a MCCB/contactor.
  • If supply phase sequence reverses, control ensures not to close normally functioning MCCB/contactor to avoid reverse phase to load.
  • Sensing input supply phase reversal, control generates a command to close another breaker/contactor which corrects phase sequence and apply the power to the load.
  • Control circuit also does not permit single phasing to happen.

Input source selector:

  • As long as priority source is available, connects the load to priority.
  • If priority source fails, connects the load to Emergency source.
  • Reconnects to priority source, once priority source resumes.